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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  March 18, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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with an emphasis on ingredients that are local and sustainable and organic. he uses his celebrity to support share our strength a charity that seeks to end childhood hunger. >> i'm a cook at heart. i love being a cook. >> chris: brian says he has more projects in the works including some new restaurants. you can be sure they will be good and tough to get in to. that is it for today. have a great week. we'll see you next fox news sunday.
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>> good morning. himenter childers. >> i am heather nauert. it is monday march the 18th. thank you for waking up with us and watching "fox & friends first". time for the top 5@5:00. the top five stories this hour. a jet crashes into a home killing two of the four passengers on board. the jet apparently took off from tulsa, oklahoma tried to land at the south bend airport but failed. the pilot reported an electrical problem and the jet went down hitting three homes. >> all of a sudden it was
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sputtering or something, and boom. got real quiet. >> then i ran to the front and it was a big cloud of insulation and plane parts and everything flying. >> two passengers and a person on the ground were hurt. 200 people have been forced to leave their homes as crews clean up leaking jet fuel. >> the supreme court will hear an arizona law requiring proof of citizenship in order to register to vote. they should be able to pass laws to stop legal immigrants. a pennsylvania community mourning the loss of a beloved coach and her unborn child killed in a bus crash. >> hundreds gathered sunday for
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a special memorial service at seaton hill university. members of the women's lacrosse team wore their uniforms and laid flowers in memory of their head coach christina quigley. quigley who was six months pregnant died saturday when a teen b team bus reared off the road and killed her and her unborn child and the bus driver. world leaders are flocking to the city ahead of pope francis inaugural mass taking place tomorrow. joe biden a catholic arriving yesterday representing the united states. on sunday he held his first blessing from the balcony of the balcony. after mass he mingled with followers shaking hands talking with crowds and a lot of folks really excite to go see him. security a real concern there. >> british royals kate and william are in the middle of their first public fight.
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can it be over the gender of their unborn baby. the dutches says she wants a boy. the prince with a girl. middleton who is five months pregnant revealing the royal dilemma to a soldier sunday at a st. patrick's day sunday. the royal baby is due in july. that is your 5@5:00. now it is time to take a look at who is talking. this morning we are getting more reaction to comments over the weekend to senator lindsey graham about benghazi. >> whehe said the benghazi survivors have been told to be quiet. that's a quote by the white house. that's what former u.n. ambassador john bolton is talking about this morning. >> i think the entire way the administration has handled the benghazi affair has been
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abnormal. they were not made available to congress or others finding out what happened dha. part of the administration's problem here is that many people think they engaged in a cover up. they made up the story about the demonstration because they didn't want to reveal terrorist groups were present in and around benghazi. i think the way to get to the bottom of it is to allow these people to talk to members of congress to tell them what happened to them on the day of the attack and if they feel indim dated if they are being withheld from congress that is only going to continue. the question in other people's minds, is this a cover up, is it not. >> ranking member of the community a democrat is also talking saying everything is being done to find out the truth. right now there's an investigation going on. what happened in benghazi is a
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terrible situation when americans loss their lives including an ambassador. when the investigation is complete, hopefully we will find out more of the facts. most important thing is number one, that we had americans who lost their lives, secondly we want to make sure it doesn't happen again and we want to make sure we get all of the facts. let's see what the report says and we will evaluate it from there. ouren j job is oversight we ove look a lot of committees. >> when asked about graham's comments jay carney says certain the white house is not preventing any one from speaking out on this. both sides are coming out swinging on the budget battle. good morning, kelly. >> good morning to you as well. on one hand you have house speaker john boehner who has made it known he is not
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optimistic at all about democrats and republicans coming together for any kind of grand bargain on the budget. meantime the president is trying to reach out to republicans and democrats to find common ground and getting america's fiscal house in order. some republicans are hoping the president is sincere. congressman paul ryan expressed doubts over the president's recent comments that america is not in a debt crisis. ryan contends america is very close to a debt crisis. >> you know who gets hurt the worst is the elderly. pro he can nom poik policy to get people working to bring in more revenue and get the entitlement system under control so people can plan for what the government promised them. let's prevent that crisis from happening. we know it's coming. this budget does that. >> some are against ryan's budget particularly those in the
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democrat party. it they are posing dramatically different plans for the budget. our hope is they can find compromise. the priority for both is to put americans back to work and establish strong economic growth. >> we need put americans back to, would and strong economy. a second priority one coupled with economic growth. i think we can do both. make sure we have deficit reduction but don't cut too much too fast. >> dick durbin also optimistic they can move forward. as congress grapples with developing a budget it must deal with another problem that looms it has to pass a continued resolution before march 27th to avert a government shut down. heather, they go on break at the end of this week. we will see what happens. >> of course they do. they are always going on breakdown there. it is time for your first
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degree weather update with ma r maria molina. >> maria is in the weather center tracking another storm. is that right? >> yes. a brand new storm impacting portions of the upper midwest today and we are expecting to see snow from the same system into the northeast as we height. we could be seeing significant accumulations especially across places in new england. want to start out with high temperatures. we are seeing wild disparities as far as the temperatures go. take a look at minneapolis. 30 degrees for the high temperature today. it will feel more like january than march. in san antonio you could see record heat 93 degrees for your actual temperature. feeling like summer in texas. that storm we have across portions of the midwest and minnesota. ahead of this system we have rain and snow showers coming
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down across portions of the mid atlantic and as far west as kentucky, parts of indiana and also illinois. the actual area of low pressure across minnesota and the dakotas we have recorded gusts and a couple of snow will be possible. because of the wind and the snow we have blizzard warnings in effect for today winter storm warnings in effect as well. places like mississippi, alabama, tennessee and even kentucky could be seeing severe weather including things like tornadoes damaging wind gusts and also large hail. be careful out here across portions of the southeast and tennessee and kentucky through out the day today and evening hours for that potential for severe weather. otherwise again the storm system is headed to the north and east. you can be looking at accumulating snowfall 4-6 inches of snow.
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heather and heather some of the higher accumulations will be centered across new hampshire and maine where they could be seeing over a foot of snow. >> they have had such a long winter over there. thanks so much. now stories you can bank on this morning. the tiny little country of cyprus is now getting a bailout. euro zone finance managers are doing it by ceasing people's bank account. lauren simonetti joins us to explain. all of the citizens there were trying to draw their money from the atm's. >> it's a small your pee an nation of cyprus making the 59 need bailout. the terms of this rescue are much different than the other ones. their bank deposits will be taxed. if you have over 100,000 euros in the bank 9.9 percent levy. less than, 6 and three quarters percent. many nervous people tapped out
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the atm. a lot of russians have money in cyprus. it is up for a parliamentary vote this afternoon. it can be changed and amended to penalize the smaller for less. the good news is markets in cyprus are closed today for holiday. futures are reacting very negative. >> that's scary the government. nabbing your money like that. people at the office notice younger people can be i am mature. >> appearance punkality and honesty all matter in the workplace. a survey of 400 human resources say a third of the highers aren't professional. 40 percent say they lack work ethic. 52 percent new hires have this heir of entitlement. might be they are more confident. they might have been coddleed by their parents. in this tight job market there's
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a lot of ways you can turn your passion into your job. many of the candidates might be saying i am too good for this job. >> they need the job to make the money. >> lauren simonetti. thank you so much. coming up, do you multi task during your meals? you may want to stop and focus on your food. there's a new study out this morning that says you can be putting on a lot of brakes if you don't. they are supposed to open their eyes to new technology but these google glasses may be taking it too far. the national average of gas is 3.59, unchanged from yesterday. 3.69, unchanged from yesterday. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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oo a prison escape out of the movies. they climbed on a rope hovering from a helicopter. the two inmates and the person involved were captured a short time later. louisiana governor bobby jindal involved in a car accident after an suv sideswiped the vehicle he was in. a state trooper driving a second suv suffered minor injuries after swerving to avoid the truck. the truck was ticketed for making an illegal u turn. >> the carnival legend limping home after more troubles. it is already on another vow ablg? anthony miller has more on the latest embarrassment for carnival crews. >> for many a trip buyered the
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legend turned out to be a legendary failure. >> the legend which took off from tampa last sunday encountered mechanical problems out at sea this past week. it had problems with the propulsion system crippling how fast it could travel. they skipped grand cayman and ended up at tampa with angry customers. >> i wouldn't want to be the next group on the boat. >> the next group didn't appear to be worried. >> not concerned at all. >> it's vacation you have to take it like it is. >> this is one of the many problems carnival cruise lines have experienced lately the carnival dream was stuck in saint martin because of problems with an emergency generator while the carnival try you haiu problems. they worked on repairs.
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the ship is scheduled to operate normal itinerary with the exception of cayman. a change many of the passengers didn't mind one bit. >> how bad can it be. i would like to see it but i think they will make it right. >> i want to go on the ship and have fun on the ship. >> i want to be on the ship. >> feel very comfortable and confident everything will be fine. >> it is time to brew on this now. here's what we would like you to brew on today. they are not even available next but you may have heard about them the new google glasses already stirring up controversy. they are glasses that can shoot videos search the internet or send an e-mail all at the command of your voice. sounds cool but the ability to take pictures and up load video instantly to the internet has a lot of people concerned. >> and worried, too. we want to know what you think about this. do you think they are invasion
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of privacy or harmless technology? >> you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail e-mail at fox friends >> we will be interesting to hear what you have to say. coming up next on "the rundown" it's a list nobody wants to be on. the best place for recruiting terrorists? the postal service is throwing a lavish party and we got an invitation to go behind the scenes.
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>> good morning to you. it is 23 minutes after the hour. here's quick look at the headlines for you. a few hours from now president obama will nominate thomas harris as the new labor secretary. he heads the justice department civil rights division. he faced criticism for giving misleading testimony to the u.s. mission on civil rights. he would replace hilda sill lease. instead of eating while you were distracted you are consuming more calories. people who eat meals or snacks watching tv playing games or reading tend to eat more. >> i do believe that study. >> the u.s. postal service is $16 billion in debt and stopping saturday delivery to stay athroat they say. you wouldn't know it by the way the agency is spending millions to send workers to a lavish
2:26 am
conference in california and it is happening this week. we have an inside look at the event. >> here at the annual postal forum executives will meet with thousands of shippers and those in the direct mail industry. and then everyone gets to have a good time in stan fran. there's a guolf outing dance an food from the fisherman's wharf and chinatowchinatown. the travel exhibit space and other incidentals will cost the postal service $2.2 million lass. the agency receives no tax dollars for operating the census and relies on postage product and services for the operation. a spokesperson claims they make more than they spend because of
2:27 am
the business generated. they have golfing outings and dance party it is beyond the tail. >> in a lettered he fired off congressman tom gregs said spending millions participating seems to exhibit poor judgment by the leadership. as the usps cuts services and near bankruptcy the expense defies logic. convention attendees a direct mail consultant out of michigan argues postal executives need to be here. >> if they just sit in their offices in washington they wouldn't get the feel of what the mailers want and need out of the industry. the industry is changing. technology is changing. the postal service is changing with it. >> that was claudia cowen
2:28 am
reporting. they plan to take a closer look at the end of the conference and wait for travel by the public agency. >> they could pick up the phone, you know. >> the time is 25 after the top of the hour. copping coming up she may be young but she is a hero. >> i just opened the door and i cannot see. it was all blurry because of the smoke. >> this little girl right there she saved her entire family. we will tell you how. a graphic lesson are bombings an english class for 8-year-old children. is it too much for this age? we report you decide. >> on this date in 1995 the space shuttle endeavor landed in california after 6 and a half days in space. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles
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2:33 am
an electrical problem and then the jet went down hitting three homes. >> my front door flew open i heard a big boom and i got my kids to come inside. >> engine fuel, you could smell it. you could smell it. that's why they made everybody leave the house. >> two other passengers were hurt. thousands of passengers on the carnival legend. but that didn't stop carnival from sending the ship right back out for another tour. the legend departing on a 7 day tour of the caribbean after it was forced to return because of power issues. >> trip canceled early three-days at sea two stops now they gave us 100 bucks. >> we planned to go to belize ending up at costa miya planning to go to the caymans to maybe going to belize to ending up in
2:34 am
tampa. >> in case you are counting it is the 4th mishap in less than a month for carnival. last month the carnival dream was stuck after a generator issue. >> a scary lesson coming soon for some school children in new york. educators have given a green light to english curriculum that includes picture books with realistic portrayals of war for 8-year-olds. one contains fighter planes dropping bombs on a middle eastern town. another depicts an abduction of a young man from his home. it will be used in the third through 5th grade. >> a colorado sheriff taking a stand against two aggressive new gun control managers. john cook says he won't enforce expanded background checks on firearms purchases or a 15 round limit on ammunition magazines.
2:35 am
criminals are still going to get their guns. democratic governor is expected to sign the measures into law. an oregon girl is being hailed as a hero saving her family from a fire. the 7-year-old says she woke up in the house filled with smoke. she woke up her brother, her father and his girlfriend. >> i opened the door i and i cannot see. >> it was kind of surreal. walked out and freaking out inside trying to stay cool on the outside. get everybody out of the house. >> where the drier used to be so hot it milted t-- melted the sink. >> fire investigators say there were no working smoke detectors in that home. that is your 5@5:30. >> alexis is a little hero this
2:36 am
morning. president obama will be thousands of miles away on a very closely watched trip. doug luzader has more on the week ahead in washington. good moaning, doug. >> good morning. here on capitol hill another budget deadline is looming and air force one is about to make a long trip. israel is preparing for a presidential visit. a u.s. flag is already flying there. they are getting ared to meet with israeli p and palestinian leaders this week. it may involve fence mending more than anything. >> there are an awful lot of things to talk about iran, syria and the region generally and i am sure that peace talks for lock of them is something that will be part of the discussion. >> back at home meantime the president is expected to announce his pick for labor
2:37 am
secretary. he is enthusiastically backed by unions. he could face a tough pass to confirmation in the senate. congress down to the final days to come up with a plan to fund the government operations beyond the deadline. so far no deal in sight. >> the president doesn't believe ought to be the balance of the budget over the next ten years i am not sure we are going to get very far. we have spending problem. it is time to solve the problem. is there time for the president to solve the problem. they will be out of the country for a good portion of this week. and we have the easter kree success. >> doug zoo layered. time to look at who is talking we are hearing from republican national committee chairman rice previs after the party lost proohe talked about changes the gop is
2:38 am
making for a major initiative to reach out to more voters. >> i believe our party had a real quality of context problem. what i mean is we have become a baert that four months before aven election. that's how we coperated for yeas and years and we have done well compared to ourselves. in comparison to the other side the obama campaign lived in these communities for years. the row layinelationships were authentic. one of the major things you will see tomorrow come out is that for the first time in our party's history we are not talking about having a few people down the hallway working on outreach and inclusion we are going to be announcing a $10 million initiative just this year in which it will include hundreds of people paid across the country from coast to coast and hispanic, african american, asian community talking about our party.
2:39 am
talking about our brand, talking about what we believe, going to community events going to swearing in ceremonies being in the community ongoing paid for by the republican national committee to make the case for our party and candidates. >> he said that he is also -- that he would also like to see a shorter primary process and convention. before you leave the house let's get an update from maria molina. while spring may be just two-days away on the calendar i think that's what it says anyway, you instead are tracking a winter storm. is that right? >> that's right twochlt days away and we have a new winter storm we are tracking across sections of the upper mid wers. that produced wind gusts. we have really cool temperatures.
2:40 am
rapid city you are looking at a current temperature of 18 degrees 29 in minneapolis as well over the city of new york current temperature of 28 degrees in the southern area had a warm start. 66 will be the warm temperature in san antonio. 93 could be the high temperature in san antonio. we have the winter storm across parts of the upper midwest. you have these warm temperatures. we a chance to see severe weather. in cities like jackson, mississippi, atlanta, georgia and tennessee. isolated tornadoes large hail and damaging wind gusts in excess of 60 miles per hour will be possible in this area. blizzard warnings across minnesota, iowa and eastern sections of the dakotas. we are not just looking at sefrm
2:41 am
inches -- several inches of snow but wind will be a problem. the storm is headed east, to the northeast we have winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings in effect parts of pennsylvania to new england. higher elevations will be new england. >> that's great news for us this morning maria. thank you. >> happy monday. tiech for your starti-- time fo starting lineup. l louisville has the top seed. other top seeds kansas in the south gonzaga in the west. last year's national champion failing to make the tournament. >> miami beat the raptors for
2:42 am
the 22nd win in a row. that is the second longest winning streak in nba history. 33 is the record. and casey cane cruising to a victory in the sioux city 500. all of the big talk in the race was instead this. tempers flaring after hamlin comes up and hits former teammate joey lagono sending him stining. he raced over to him after the race and the two had to be pulled apart. come on fellas. keep it on the track. 20 before the top of the hour. it is a list no city wants to top. the best place for recruiting terrorist. we will tell you where.
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>> welcome back. let's span the globe to see what headlines are -- stories are making headlines overseas. plans for a $13 billion bail jut. the plan would require a tax on all bank deposits there. people are racing to with krau their money. they must approve the plan. there is fear it may set a future bailout. >> joe biden arriving last month. he will represent the u.s. and put emphasis on the inaugural mass tomorrow. he joins other world leaders to celebrate the new church leader. officially only volcano shooting streams of red hot lava into the sky.
2:47 am
the recent eruption it has been a bit messy. >> if you want to blame big gas companies. more states are increasing gas tax to increase revenue. that is taking a toll on your wallet. diane macedo has more details on that. >> more and more of what you pay at the pump may be going to your state if several governors have their bay. many states are shoring up budget falls and fixin straw structure problems. they passed a gas hike in the first time in 15 years raising the gas tax from 14 to $0.24 a gallon. that increase goes into effect in july is expected to raise more than $47 million for road work there. pennsylvania and vermont proposed similar legislation.
2:48 am
they are hold ago hearing to consider a 15 percent increase. critics say this isn't the time to be charging consumers for something so necessary to their live it is will drive people to get fuel somewhere else. revenue from gas taxes is increasing. states have to recoup that nun somehow. >> diane macedo thank you, diane. the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour. they claim they protect worker's rights. why are workers in one of the company's largest union striking against their own union. have you been inspired the new folks that do sacred sight seeing? our travel expert joins us next with a list of must see churches. but first definitely a must see on my list.
2:49 am
brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> we have a great show on tap. dare i say a bit different. benghazi we will look inside that story. idaho governor here to talk about sequester cuts the impact on his state and why he was ready for it. wrestlers together they are almost 1,000 pounds and life size game of chess pieces on the plaza. susan poke is here grand master chess player live. that's going to be great. and donald trump. >> hello. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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>> welcome back. 10 minutes till the top of the hour. new york is not the prime target
2:53 am
of terrorists. it's also the top spot for recruiting them. revealing the big apple has 14 percent of the al qaeda members in the u.s. when it comes to u.s. born terrorists 20 percent grew up in new york. that's the most in the country. troubling. and not so happy union for workers in the service employee international union chapter in california. members of seiu 1021 authorizing a strike against their own leaders. they have been without a contract since last year. and they are unhappy leaders and they are pushing for concessions on pensions and healthcare. but they report the attempt at a deal may have been reached. >> on to the news it is time for your first class travel. with the selection of pope francis last week we thought this week we should talk about some of the best churches to visit in europe. joining us via skype is travel
2:54 am
expert lee abumonte out of the shangrila in paris. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks a lot. happy to be here. >> first of all before we get to paris and the note tr notre dam cathedral let's talk about vatican city. why should we go there? i have been there myself. >> saint peters is one of the most beautiful churches in the world. it is the biggest church of the world right in the middle of the vatican in the heart of rome. it is fantastic. being inside is like being in another world. you can see the pope service there, too. great place to be no matter what your religion. >> all of the art alone. you are not taking a picture with a flash but i snap add couple when i was there. you are in paris right now. what about the note dam cathedral? >> i was in note dam yesterday
2:55 am
here in paris. it is another one sitting around for 850 years absolutely beautiful place. you walk in you just feel a part of history. from the hunchback of notre dame to modern day. pope francis will be there in a couple days i believe. it's really awesome and right in the middle of paris. >> sounds a little windy there in paris today but i don't feel too bad for you. florence, italy. i was licky enough to be there as well. why should revisit there? >> i am sorry it was a little windy. >> florence italy the cathedral we should visit. >> it is the center of the city. it's the center piece of laurens. you can find it anywhere. it is beautiful tops wonderful place. florence is a great place in
2:56 am
general. >> amazing architecture there. >> st. pauls cathedral in london, england that made the list at number 4. >> i used to live there in college. st. paul is kind of the most recognizable thing it is where charles and diana where married. by ti beautiful place. it gives you the best views of the city anywhere in london. >> rounding it all out barcelona, spain. >> unfinished masterpiece. they have been constructing it for like 100-years. they say now it will be finished 2030 allegedly. it is the most recognizable site in barcelona. it's a little outside of the center worth the view. it's a great sight it's really become the symbol of the city
2:57 am
and barcelona city that is his masterpiece. >> lee joining us live from paris. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thanks a lot. >> want to know the history when you are visiting all of the different places. the time is 6 minutes from the hour. coming up talk about being a persistent pup one dog refuses to give up not to give up on reaching the top. we will show you the ending of that. it's your last chance to answer our question of the day. we told you about google glasses already creating controversy. we wanted to know if you think these glasses are an invasion of prooi see or harmless technology. we are reading e-mails next. hey. they're coming. yeah. british. later. sorry. ok...four words... scarecrow in the wind... : look what mommy is having.
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